A modern and stylish festive swreath

A Modern and Stylish Festive Wreath

Hello everyone, and Happy December to all of you ! Have you started decorating? ... I've not ... I'm just looking for something nice and original. This Modern and Stylish Festive Wreath by ERIKA RAX, could be a good option. Any ideas for you table setting? Get inspired by the colour Red or by Shiny … Continue reading A Modern and Stylish Festive Wreath


bits of inspiration – #60.

Hello everyone :),
I was looking for a fresh idea to dress up my table for a lunch with my family and … I found this!
Really love it!!!
Thank you, Little bits and Design Sponge 🙂


It would seem that the theme of this week (or at least the last couple days) is hanging floral installations! In a moment of serendipity, I saw today that @leslievilleflea tweeted an article where lifestyle blogger Anne Sage breaks down how to create these whimsical hanging floral pieces. The article suggests creating a hanging installation in place of cut flowers on a table to free up more space for food. I have to say I really love this idea for anyone who has exposed beams in their home. And incidentally, this perfectly reflects back on my last post about floral installation artist Rebecca Louise Law.

See the full DIY tutorial on Design Sponge.

60Photography by Carley Rudd, courtesy of designsponge.com

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